Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3/13/09 Ashland Variety Show Nearing, Railroad Run Approaching, Restaurant Leaving, ARGs Running

While there is bad economic news all around us, there is no better was to remind ourselves that we are OK than the Ashland Variety Show. Every two years we are given an excellent example of what life in this town is all about. It is about working and laughing together. It is about singing and dancing together. It is about clapping until your hands hurt, and tearing up at the sight of the children's chorus. When you sit in your seat at Blackwell, look around you and remember that you are privileged to be there. Don't miss this opportunity to renew your sunny outlook on life. Can the Variety Show heal all wounds? Make all things right? It's not a miracle, but I do know that it will make you smile for days and weeks afterwards. I know that it will make you so happy to be living here, and remind you of what a special town this is.

Performances are March 19, 20, and 21 at 7:30 pm each night at R-MC's Blackwell Auditorium. You need to reserve your tickets right away as they always sell out. Reserved seating is available by calling 798-2881, and general admission tickets are available at Cross Brothers and the Arts and Activities Center.

Register now for the Ashland Railroad Run 10K and 5K Fun Walk to be held on Saturday, April 4th. A fun addition to this year’s race will be a Green Fair with lots of vendors showing examples of green, or environmentally-friendly ideas and products. You can register online through the Arts & Activities website: Registration forms can also be found at the Center, 500 S. Center St. Call 798-2728 with any questions.

I was sorry to hear of the Cow Catcher's demise, and hearing of their late night departure reminded me of the Colts leaving Baltimore. I'd love to see someone else give that location a try. Third time's the charm!

Congratulations to the Ashland Runner Girls who ran in the Princess Half Marathon at Disney World on March 8th! Tracy Brown, Corinne Luck, Susan Spence, Tammy Proffitt, Jennifer Morris, and Jackie Plank had a great time running those 13.1 miles through the Magic Kingdom. It was also a treat for Tracy Brown to celebrate her birthday in Florida on March 10th!

Representing the Ashland Track Club at the Disney 5K race were Susan and Carter Spence, Bob and Madison Brown, and Carleigh and Peyton Luck. Everyone who crossed that finish line deserves our admiration.

Little Charlotte Reynolds is having a tough week as she has begun her first round of chemotherapy drugs. We are all thinking about her and her parents, and wishing them strength beyond measure. Fight hard, CJ, fight hard. You can follow Charlotte's battle by visiting

What a treat to have two seasons in one week. I've loved seeing pictures of kids climbing on piles of snow in their flip-flops! Send my your Ashland news and any four-leaf clovers you find:, 310-5320. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

5/17/2018 Rain, Street Party Moved, Rain, Cross Brothers Reopens, Rain

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