Thursday, November 21, 2013

11/21/13 Christmas Too Early?, Holiday Parade, Arts and Crafts Show, Firehouse Theater

I have seen the first strand of multi-colored lights in town, and it is a good thing.  I know that people have been complaining that Christmas is coming too early, but is that really a bad thing?  Did you ever watch “Auntie Mame”?  There was that wonderful song called, “We Need a Little Christmas.”  We all love the feelings that the holidays bring up- no wonder we’re anxious to see it begin. 

But if you’re hesitant to jump into the shopping frenzy that retailers would like to ignite, then look a little closer to home for your presents. I think that if we tried, we could find every-single one of our Christmas gifts at a store or shop right here in Ashland.  If you can’t find it, then it probably wasn’t the right gift in the first place. 

This weekend is the Heavenly Creations Arts and Crafts Show at St. James the Less Episcopal Church (Beverly Rd).  This great event has been going on now for 18 years, and it proves to just get better with time!  The Show begins on Friday evening, November 22, 2013, with an Opening Night Wine and Cheese Reception from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., and continues on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

Do you love a parade?  This Sunday is the Annual Ashland Olde Time Holiday Parade!  The parade begins at 2:30 in front of St. Ann’s Catholic Church, and makes its way across the tracks to end at Gandy Elementary.  Bring a blanket, a thermos of hot chocolate, and find a spot along the route to wave to the beauty queens.  This is the beginning of Christmas in a small town. 

Happy belated birthday to our very own Chief Doug Goodman who celebrated his birthday last weekend!  Chief Goodman does so much to keep our town safe; we are lucky to have him here.

Congratulations to Louise Keeton whose play, "Cinderella:  The Fairy Godmother's Tale" (which debuted in May at the Firehouse Theatre) was selected to be shown at the New York Children's Theatre Festival in May of 2014!  We hope that this show gathers much attention and praise when it visits the Big Apple.

The Ashland Firehouse Theater is showing an award winning film: “Hugo” directed by Martin Scorsese this Saturday at 7:00 pm.  This movie is rated PG and is set in the city of Paris during the 1930’s.  Hugo is an orphaned boy who lived in the walls of the train station and repairs the station’s clocks.   Tickets are $2 per person, and it sounds like a lovely escape, don’t you think?

There are two opportunities to see theater productions in town this holiday season.  As always, Randolph-Macon will be showing Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol” at the Blackwell Theater December 6th through the 8th.  There’s more information on the RMC website: www.  Also, our own Louise Keeton and the Whistlestop Theater will be performing “The Gift of the Magi” at the Firehouse Theater December 6th and 7th.  Tickets are $5 each and you can reserve your seats today at provide your name, and indicate the day, time, and number of tickets requested!).

Did I add enough to your calendar? Call or email me with your Ashland news: 310-5320,

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