Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5/19/11 50 Milers, Learn to Shag, Farmer's Market

If you could have any view from your bedroom window, what would it be? I was asked this question recently and I had to think about it. The ocean? The Eiffel Tower? The train tracks of Ashland? If I close my eyes, all I can see are the green fields of Westmoreland County.

My hat is off to two COTU runners who travelled all the was to the Florida Keys to run in a 50 mile race from Marathon Key to Key West! Dave Klisz and Rodney Bardwell both finished the race with hardly any injuries other than some ugly blisters. The determination and dedication that they use in their race training is evident in other parts of their lives; Randolph-Macon and the Hanover County Sheriff’s office are lucky to have them.

And let us not forget the support team that enabled them to finish this race! Monica Klisz and Tamra Bardwell were following close behind in a car full of food, band-aids, and ice to help them get through the 50 miles. Obviously Dave and Rodney are very lucky to have such supportive family.

Summer is truly upon us, because it’s time to dance! The first Street Party of the 2011 season will be Sunday, May 22nd behind the library. We’re starting the season off right this year with a Shag Festival! Come early for free shag lessons at the Library at 3pm, and then stay to dance the night away. This will really be a fun evening. Visit http://www.ashlandstreetparties.org/ for more information.

This Saturday, May 21th, come see “The Natural” starring a beautiful, young Robert Redford and Glenn Close at the Ashland Firehouse Theater. Tickets are $6 and the show starts at 7:45 pm- perfect timing for dinner and a movie.

Congratulations to all the Randolph-Macon graduates! I hope that you’ve come to think of Ashland as a home for the time that you’ve spent here. The summers are always quiet without you.

The Ashland Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday (9 to noon) from now until the fall in its new spot behind Town Hall. Stop by for your pick of the freshest vegetables, fruits, homemade goods, and gorgeous flowers for your home.

Happy Birthday to Bryan Cline who celebrated this past weekend!

What would you want to see out of your bedroom window? Call or email me with your Ashland news: 310-5320, ashlandnews@hcps.us.

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