Thursday, August 27, 2009

8/27/09 Onward to Autumn, Tiger Trot, Movie Night, Children's Market

There’s less than two weeks left before school starts and summer ends. What’s that you say? Summer lasts until September 21st? I’ve never believed that. Ask any Ashland child on September 8th if it’s still summer and see what they say. You cannot have summer and school at the same time. It is a travesty for those children who go to school year-round to not know the laziness that creeps into your bones after two months of unscheduled-ness.

But as much as I dislike summer ending, don’t we have a lot to look forward to? The Macon kids will be back soon, and football games will start. The leaves will change and pumpkin-flavored things will reappear. We’ll soon pull out our old sweaters and soft jeans, and the beautiful skies of October will return.

The 3rd Annual Tiger Trot is fast approaching! Sign up to walk or run in this fun 5K and Kids Races through the streets of Ashland. This is a great fundraiser for the Gandy and Henry Clay PTA’s. Visit to register. If you don’t want to run, please come out to cheer on our runners. You’ll love the look on those kids’ faces when they cross the finish line.

Teen Movie night will be Friday, Sept. 11th at the Ashland Library beginning at 6pm. Pizza and drinks will be served. I think if you have a child who’s in middle school (but not technically a “teen”) then they are welcome. Call the library for more details: 798-4072.

The final Children's market is happening this Saturday at the Ashland Farmer’s Market, so bring some extra cash and support a fresh batch of local entrepreneurs. This is a great chance to be inspired with youthful creativity, stand under the walnut tree, and get started on your holiday shopping. I was so impressed with the crafts that were for sale last month. There was also some of the best fresh lemonade that I’ve had in a long time. The Market is open from 9am to noon, behind Town Hall.

I have an over-active imagination that really does me more harm than good. Every time we leave town on vacation, I regularly expect our house to not be there when we come back. I imagine that I left the toaster plugged in and all that is left is a smoldering pile. I almost have to hide my eyes as we approach Chapman Street, and I think, “Is it still there?” At first sight of it, I am relieved and feel silly because of course someone would have called us if our house burned down.

Returning home last week from the beach, we quickly began unloading the car as the children ran in the house, excited to be home. The business of being home unfolded as grocery lists were made, clothes put away, and beach toys stored. It wasn’t until I heard a train whistle, like a hand waved in front of a dazed face, that I took a deep breath and smiled. Here I am. At the Center. My sweet town.

Call or email me your Ashland news: 310-5320, Enjoy this last week of summer!

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