Friday, July 6, 2007

7/6/07 Missing the Ashland Theater, Second Street Party, Sidewalks of Town

The summer seems to be a fine one so far. The only thing missing is movies at our lovely old Ashland Theater. We had such a great time there- knowing almost everyone in the house, singing the National Anthem at the beginning of the Film Series shows, and the routine clapping at the end of the picture. Our girls saw the Wizard of Oz there, and I have a perfect picture in my mind of Jenny Donahue, sitting between Daphne Gilmore and Amanda Schloss, turning around in her seat to her father and saying: “I need three Hershey Bars, Daddy.” Steve Donahue didn’t miss a beat- he got up and went for that chocolate on command. I hope those girls remember that night, and I hope that someday we’ll be in that place again.

Mark your calendars for the second Ashland Street Party on Saturday, July 21 from 5:00 to 10:30 p.m. in its usual spot behind the Ashland Library. This is always a nice evening, and you’ll get to see all the progress being made on the Plaza in front of the library.

The Ashland Barracudas Swim Team suffered their first loss of the season by less than one hundred points to Chestnut Oaks Recreation Association this past week. It was a long meet, one made longer by a thunder delay, but an exciting one nonetheless. Lui Mallory, Elisa Worrell, Curran Henry, Will Mallory, and Marcus Maphis all broke team records.
The Barracudas will be losing a good friend when Kara LeFever completes her final season. Kara will be going off to Radford in the fall, and her father, Ron, has been an extraordinary volunteer from the beginning in 1994. Ron was a past recipient of the Ron DesRoches Award in appreciation of service to the team and has served in many positions on the board of the Greater Richmond Aquatic League. Many thanks to Ron & Julie LeFever for all the years that they’ve supported the Barracudas!

Friday, July 13th is Teen Movie night at the Ashland Library, beginning at 6pm with pizza and drinks provided. Call the library at 798-4072 for more information. If your kids are a bit young for that, stop by Tuesday, July 10 at 4 p.m. for the Rainbow Puppet performance of “From the Sea to the Sky”- the story of a nation that struggled to find freedom and opportunity for all people.

The Ashland Farmer’s Market is looking for musical groups to perform on Saturday mornings while the market is open. Call Josh at Town Hall if you’re interested- 798-9219.

I hope you all have a beautiful week and that you find the time to take a walk around town. With most of the Randolph-Macon students gone, it’s a great opportunity to stroll around the campus. The town has done a lot of work on the sidewalks, so there are lots of safe places to walk. It’s a lovely time of year to see our town and to say hello to your neighbors. Let me know if you hear of anyone who deserves to be recognized for their contribution to our community. There are so many special people around here who go unnoticed in their daily efforts to make the world a better place. My phone number is 310-5320, and my email is Have a wonderful week!

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