Saturday, September 29, 2007

9/21/07 Perfect Hometown Saturday Night

Every once in a while you stop, look around, and just know that you’re in the right place; you are where you were meant to be. And while some of you may grow tired of my “Ashland is the best town ever” soapbox, I can’t help but say it again. I had one of those great days this past Saturday. The Henry Clay and Gandy Tiger Trot 5K Run was a perfect example of hard work paying off. The autumn weather (over-cast and cool) combined with smiling and laughing volunteers gave the whole event an air of joyful childhood. Those fortunate enough to have participated got to see the kind of grass roots organizing that happens almost daily around here. The PTAs were in need of funds and everyone was tired of buying wrapping paper and cookie dough. Two working moms stepped forward and decided to do things differently. If you see Susan or Tracy around town, please thank them for working so hard for our schools.

Saturday night was fantastic in downtown Ashland. Music was everywhere-from the Coffee & Tea to the last Street Party- it was hard to find a quiet spot. It’s hard not to love a town when you see everyone dancing and socializing together. I heard that Bill Bevins had been urging his listeners to come to Ashland that evening and they certainly must have listened, because the dance floor was packed. Ron Moody was great, as usual, and gave us one familiar song after another. The Plaza outside the Ashland Library is stunning and I am impressed with all the work that has been done in the last month. Our own Kugel, with the Center of the Universe so clearly marked, spun and splashed with children who couldn’t help running their wet fingers over the smooth marble. Jay & Nina’s statues will be such a touching addition.

What a great time of year to celebrate a birthday! Davis Luck will be four tomorrow, September 22nd. I’m sure that Ross and Connie are supplying lots of fun presents and a beautiful cake.

There’s a great opportunity to help raise money for a good cause tomorrow: the Slay The Dragon 5K will begin at 9am at Carter Park and will follow a beautiful course through town. All money raised will go to the National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation, which supports research to find a cure for a rare, but vicious cancer. Go to for more information.

Sunday, Sept. 23rd, VA Senator Frank Wagner (R, Virginia Beach) will give a lecture in Duncan Memorial Church Social Hall at 7 pm on “Development and Use of Renewable Energy”. Representatives from the Wilton Corp. will be in attendance to show plans for the eco-friendly development of East Ashland- oops that was a typo!

Mark October 6th on your calendar for the Lt. George Hansen Pumpkin Run to honor the memory of Lt. George Hansen and to raise money for Hanover Safe Place, which provides a safe haven to victims of domestic abuse. The 5K begins at 9am at the Ashland Berry Farm. Register at, and click on “events”. The day will conclude with a concert at Pufferbelly Park at 4pm with fun for families and games for kids.

You couldn’t make a movie that would tell people what life is like here in our little town. They wouldn’t believe you and would say that it sounded like a cliché. I am always torn between wanting to tell everyone about this place that we now call home, and wanting to keep it all a secret. I want to hold Ashland in my heart like a child’s treasure- a dream that someone may wake me from before I am done with the story. Life is not perfect here, and there is pain and heartache, but I can’t think of any good reason to ever leave. What a town. Please have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather! Get in touch and let me know your Ashland news- my email is and my phone is 804-310-5320.

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