Saturday, January 5, 2008

12/28/07 Christmas Poem

As a Christmas present
I wrote this for you
To look back on the year
From my point of view.

This space had been empty
For quite a long time,
The Neighborhood Network
Had left Ashland behind.

With no one to write
Ashland’s news and events
The section was missing
Important contents!

Greg Glassner put an ad
In the classified section.
I saw it, and called him-
He said, with reflection:

“You must write about
Parties, birthdays, and races,
New babies, and concerts,
Historical places;

Library fundraisers,
PTA bakes sales,
Redistricting Meetings,
With colorful details.

As long or as short,
That will be up to you
But by Monday evening,
You must be through.”

That was in April,
Eight months ago-
And the fun in this job
Has continued to grow!

Writing these lines
Has been such a lark
I’ve loved every word,
And each question mark.

But this column is good
Because of you all,
The stories appear
With each telephone call.

So, thank you, dear Ashland
For reading my words
You’ve increased my happiness
At least by two-thirds!

May this year bring you each
A good life- first rate;
My sweet town, you deserve
A wonderful, wonderful 2008!
-Meriwether Gilmore
(804) 310-5320

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