Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008...News Flash... Neon Lights still Working at Ashland Theater

The lights of the Ashland Theater were lit up last night, which led us to wonder why. We were curious and had to go up to the doors and peer inside. No one was there, but the inside doors to the lobby were open. I had hoped that we would see the real estate agent shaking hands with some proud new owner, but the "For Sale" signs are still there. Maybe it was all bright and shiny to add to the festive spirit felt by the soon-to-be graduates of RMC. I'm sure Ashland's Finest were busy last night with the numerous parties that were held (fireworks!) in anticipation of their big day today. We got the scoop from the night watchman at Randolph-Macon, who was standing guard over the hundreds of chairs for the ceremony, that Tim Russert wasn't planning on leaving DC until 2 hours before graduation. We think that's cutting it a little close, Tim.

The other possibility is that it could have been the ghost...

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