Friday, June 13, 2008

5/12/08 School's Over, Heat's On, Birthday Candles Blown Out

The three “H” sisters have returned to Ashland for the summer. Did you forget about them? Hazy, Hot, and Humid arrived just last week and have taken up residence in our sweet town. Be nice to them and try to get along; sometimes they don’t leave until the middle of October!

A cool place to be in the summer is the Ashland Library. The Summer Reading program began June 7th and continues through August 16th, so stop by to sign up yourself and your kids. Keep them reading through the summer, and keep checking the library’s website to see what’s going on:

Three cheers to the Ashland Little League, who ended their season in a sauna. It’s another wonderful example of a volunteer organization that exists solely for the kids. Machine Pitch had their Championship game on Saturday June 7th between the Braves and Dodgers, with the Dodgers winning 12 - 10. The win sealed the Dodgers in first place for the season and the Braves in second. Congratulations to Ronny Maier, whose home run helped the Dodgers clinch their win!

Big birthday wishes to Katelynn Brown who turned seven on June 8th, and Jo Ann Hunter who turned 26 on June 9th!

The Ashland Girl Scout Service Unit spent the night rock-climbing recently at Peak Experience in Midlothian. While I’m sure they got little sleep, they had a fun experience. Many thanks to all the moms who chaperoned. We hope they got to get a nap the next day!

Congratulations to the new PTA presidents for the 08-09 school year: Monica Klisz at Henry Clay, Donna Brooks at John Gandy, and Debbie Algiano at Liberty Middle. If any of these women ask for your help in the months to come, I hope you’ll volunteer your time. Their commitment to our children makes a huge difference in our schools.

The Fifth graders at Gandy put on a great show last week. Their talented music teacher, Susan Winkler, has raised recorder music to a new level. I am always impressed, and often have tears in my eyes, when I see how hard these kids of worked and how much they love what they are doing. Ms. Winkler has been the 5th grader’s music teacher since they were kindergartners at Henry Clay, so it was a poignant evening as she wished them good luck at Liberty next year.

Well, my mother is thoroughly disappointed in me as I have no tomatoes growing in my garden this year. I will have to depend on the kindness of friends (and the Ashland Farmers Market) to get my family through the summer and not suffer from a lack of lycopene. Let me know your Ashland news! You can reach me by phone or email: (804) 310-5320, or Have a wonderful week!

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