Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where in Ashland Is It?

Here's your hint: The only people who might know where this is are JoAnn Hunter and Kristen Reihl. (No fair asking them.)

The last picture that I asked you to find- the lovely decorated port-a-pottie- was correctly identified by Ann Bruce and Corinne Luck. Ann had an advantage because the quaint lavoratory sits just down the street from her house, and will probably soon be resting in her front yard as the sidewalk work moves further west on Henry Clay St. Ann is anxiously awaiting having a sidewalk in her front yard as there will be less grass to cut. I think the john needs a "Welcome" sign, Ann.

Corinne was able to spot the potty on one of her daily 50 mile runs around Ashland. Doug Goodman, Ashland Police Chief, said that they have been trying to talk Mrs. Luck into becoming an officer as she sees more of Ashland everyday than most people do in a month.

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