Sunday, August 31, 2008

All things summer are ending this week, and it is bittersweet because it has been such a lovely season. I have asked myself several times- what did we do to deserve such incredible weather? I know we need rain, but I don't think we've seen 90 degrees for a week or more. Were we better than usual? Did we all behave ourselves so much that God smiled on us? Surely there must be an Indian Summer lurking around the corner, ready to remind us of the true value of central air. The pool will close in a few more days, the buses will start their routes, and children will have set bedtimes again.

The Bluemont people have packed up and left until next year, but not before a stellar concert this past Sunday. I wished that they were the “Ashland” Jazz Orchestra, and that we could hear them at least once a month. When I closed my eyes, I knew that it was Louis Armstrong up there singing to me, “...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.” Perfect.

The Second Annual Patrick Henry Half Marathon was a successful event this past Saturday morning. Not only did the Hanover County and Ashland Officers stop traffic, but they clapped and cheered us on. The volunteers who worked the water stops deserve their own medals for standing in the sun until the last runner went by. I also have to mention Tom Grant, who has personally inspired so many people to begin running, and to run faster. We’re lucky that he’s our friend. As we ran through town, I overheard someone ask, “Why do they call it the Center of the Universe?” And I had to say, “Because it is!” What a silly thing to ask!

Register now for the 2nd Annual Tiger Trot to benefit the Henry Clay and John Gandy PTAs. The big day is Saturday, September 20th, with the children’s races (1 and ½ mile) starting at 8 am, and the 5K starting at 9am. You can register on-line at , and there are special prizes waiting for the kids who complete the summer training program. If your child is interested, send an email to Tracy Brown at If you don’t want to run, email Tracy anyway and tell her that you’ll be a volunteer.

Our Sesquicentennial Celebration is just around the corner- are you ready? Have you bought one of the 150 trees? Have you ordered your yearbook? Have you chipped in for the town birthday present? I know it sounds like a lot, but we are on a tight schedule, Ashland! Visit or go see Susan Tucker who can give you some jobs that need to get done.

The Randolph-Macon students are returning this week, and football games will start soon. I’ve heard that Spike Lee is coming to campus for a lecture, which sounds very exciting. You can see all the events that are open to the public at I always look forward to them coming back, and the energy that they bring to town. So have a wonderful year, R-MC students!

Send me your news, Ashland- your stories of local hero’s, birthdays to be recognized, babies born, or the beautiful ordinary events that make living in this sweet town so special. You can reach me at 310-5320, or email Have a wonderful week and stay off the tracks.

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