Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10/23/08 Ashland, Ashland, Center of the Universe

Well Ashland, you outdid yourself. Your 150th birthday party was one of the best, and certainly the largest birthday party that we’d ever attended. The food was great; the music inspiring, and the guest list was top-notch. You ordered up a beautiful fall day- chilly enough to keep us moving, but not cold enough to send us home. We had tears in our eyes as we watched children sing “Ashland, Ashland”, and we went to bed exhausted but smiling.

I could fill up this column with the names of people who helped put on that party, as it includes almost everyone on town and even many outside of town. Robert Lindgren, president of RMC, said “Have the party at my house”, and brought out his staff and students to help celebrate. How sweet of him to say that R-MC is just as proud to be a part of Ashland as Ashland is to have R-MC here.

Thank you Charles Hartgrove and all the Town employees who spent so many hours working towards that day. Thank you Town Council, Board of Supervisors, School Board, and Hanover County. Thank you CSX for lending a hand and coming to the party. Thank you to Lorie Foley and Kathy Abbot who smiled all day Saturday and then had to attend the funeral of their beloved uncle. Thank you to the marching bands of Patrick Henry, Hanover, Atlee and Lee-Davis High Schools who gave us goose-bumps with their thrilling sound. Thank you RMC Chorus whose beautiful song, “It Takes A Village”, reminded us of how lucky our kids are to grow up here. Thank you Nancy Cozart and AC Bruce for building that wonderful birthday cake sculpture. Thank you to the men and women who were up at 6am Saturday morning cleaning the streets and setting up tables and chairs. Thank you to everyone who came and ate cake. It was good to see you there.

Happy Anniversary to Carl and Cathy Sloppy who will celebrate their wedding anniversary on October 25th!

Happy Birthday to Dave Gilmore on October 21!

John M. Gandy’s Bedford Falls Book Fair will be open beginning October 27th through October 31, 8am to 3pm daily. This is a great Book Fair with titles for all ages - picture books, reference books, and all the newest and most popular chapter books. The prices are great and the fair benefits Gandy's library too!

Remember to stop by the Arts and Activities Center on your trick-or-treating rounds on Halloween! Call or email me with your Ashland news: 804-310-5320, There is no place in the world that I would rather live. We are Ashland.

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