Thursday, December 18, 2008

12/18/08 Countdown to Christmas, Pageants, Santa on Firetruck

There is only one weekend left before Christmas, which is alarming, I know, but you are lucky because living in the Center of the Universe means that you don’t have to leave to find presents for everyone on your list. We have book stores, toy stores, wine shops, jewelry stores- so many places to find the perfect gift. Don’t forget the mailman, the paper-person, and the recycling guys. I’m sure that Town Hall would welcome some Christmas Cheer as well.

The Church of Our Saviour in Montpelier is having their first Christmas Contata on Sunday, December 21 at 4:00 pm. The Church in located in the Village of Montpelier approximately one mile west of the intersection of Route 54 and Route 33. Light refreshments will be served afterwards in the Parish Hall. For more information, please call Hannah Crew at 883-5232.

Happy Birthday to Susan Spence who celebrates this Friday, December 19th!

If you hear non-stop sirens from the fire department this week, there is no emergency, just a fat, jolly elf visiting the children of Ashland. This is such an exciting thing to see, so come outside if you hear them and thank those fire-fighters for all their volunteer hours.
St. James the Less Episcopal Church will have a mulit-generational Christmas pageant on Sunday, December 21 at 10 am. For information call 798-6336.

There will be two Christmas Eve Masses at St. Ann's Catholic Church- at 6pm and then at 8pm. I would advise you to arrive early to any church service that you're planning on attending- Catholic or Episcopal! There's also a mass on Christmas Day at 10:15 am. You can call the church office for more information : 798-5039.

Mt. Olivet Baptist Church will have it's live nativity this weekend on Saturday and Sunday evenings, at 6 and 7 pm. I have heard that it's a great event, and that there are lots of angelic children involved. The church is located at 15583 Coatesville Road in Beaverdam. You can reach the office at 883-5950.

Even though she doesn't live in Ashland, I'd like to wish my grandmother, Elspeth Ward, a happy 90th birthday! She had a lovely day surrounded by her family, all except her older sister, Lucy, who is 92 and wasn't able to be there.

Remember the things that really matter this Christmas. It's not how many presents are under you tree, but the people gathered at your table. Send me your news of holiday parties, Secret Santa's, and stories of giving. I can be reached at 310-5320, or

Message From Lorie Foley:
Hello neighbors!

Let’s show our thanks to Ashland’s Finest this holiday season. The Ashland Police Department and Ashland Fire Department work hard all year to ensure a safe environment for all of our citizens. We would like to show our appreciation by sending in food for the officers and volunteers working over the holiday.

We would like provide them with deli platters, rolls, munchies, cakes, cookies, fruit, veggies, etc on December 22, 23 and 24.

Instructions for the Ashland Police Department:
Please bring food directly to the PD on the 22, 23rd or 24th. On the 22 and 23, the lobby is open 8am to 10pm. On the 24, the lobby is open 8:00am to 3:00pm. The building will be locked on Dec 25.

Instructions for the Ashland Fire Department:
A good time to bring food is around 6:00pm, when they have a shift change. However, you may bring food anytime. From the Hanover Ave side, please go around to the alley. The kitchen entrance is the door next to a double paned window.

If you would like to participate, please let me know what you plan to bring – that way we can ensure they receive a variety of food items. You may also bring food to me, and I will arrange transportation and distribution.

Many thanks!

798-0704; 339-6175

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