Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8/12/10 Wonderful WIlly Wonka, Third Bluemont Concert, 1950 August Wedding, New YMCA

One of the biggest joys is showing this town to someone who’s never experienced it before. My father, step-mother, and sister came to the matinee performance of “Willy Wonka” at the Arts & Activities Center this past Sunday and were thoroughly impressed. They couldn’t believe the level of volunteer participation (the number of COTU volunteers is an anomaly). They were awed at the number of kids in the production; my father said, “It’s a cast of thousands!” And, very astutely, my step-mother noted that “all the kids in Ashland are so good-looking!”

So thank you Lorie Foley and Mary Kay Thompson for giving me something to brag about! Thank you Lynne for the choreography that made those kids “oompa-loompa” across the stage, and to Chris McKelvy for all the costumes! There are so many people who worked on the set, who helped corral kids backstage, who put on make-up, who helped sell tickets and DVDs. Thank you to Kathy Abbot for filming and editing those DVDs! And thank you to the Hanover Arts and Activity Center- all good things begin there in Ashland.

It’s a busy August! This Sunday is the third Bluemont Concert on the front lawn of the Arts & Activities Center (see what I mean?) beginning at 7pm. Bring your lawn chair or picnic blanket and listen to the Guy Mendilow Band who’ll bring their own style of Middle Eastern and South American street blues. What a wonderful way to listen to music from across the world without crossing the tracks! Tickets are $5 for adults and $2 for kids under 12.

Sixty years ago this Sunday, in 1950, Glenn & Jean Williams of Slash Cottage were married in the August heat. Glenn is a retired Methodist minister and an R-MC alumna. He and Jean are members of Duncan Memorial where there will be a special reception on Sunday. We need to send out get well wishes to Glenn as he is having surgery this week, but we’re hopeful that he’ll be feeling good for the reception. Congratulations to both of them for making a long and happy life together!

Have you been to our new YMCA lately? What was once divided is now united, and there is no more Wet Y vs. Dry Y! We have everything in one location! I’ve heard lots of good things about our new facility, so stop by and take a look.

Before your kids go back to school, take them to Scotchtown this Saturday to see what school was like in the 18th century! This second Hands on History Saturday will feature costumed interpreters who will show kids what school was like for Patrick Henry. Also this Saturday, the Backyard Players of Scothtown and the South Anna 4H will present a period play for their debut performance at noon and 2pm on the lawn. Scotchtown is located just 11 miles west of Ashland. Call 227-3500 for more information.

Have you done your back-to-school shopping? Me neither. I’m not doing it until September. It is still August; it is still summer, and Labor Day will be here too soon. Wear white everyday. Call or email me with your Ashland news: 804-310-5320, ashlandnews@gmail.com. Have a scrumdidlyumptious week!

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