Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8/18/11 Air Raids, Bluemont, Patrick Henry Half Marathon

Has anyone notices two small, propeller planes flying over Ashland lately? Last Friday they were circling over town, flying around each other, and it looked like a scene straight out of a World War II movie. We half expected to hear machine gun fire at any moment, and thought that maybe a war had started but someone forgot to tell us. Earlier this week I saw them again, although this time they were flying together towards the east. I think they were going to patrol the coast. Let me know if you see them.

One of the best things about these Bluemont Concerts, is that our very own Hanover Concert Band gets to warm up the crowd every Sunday from 5:30 to 6:30. There’s no extra charge for this pre-concert entertainment, so be sure to set your chair up early.

We’ve heard great reviews of the Bluemont band for this coming Sunday, the Dixie Power Trio. They have taken lots of classic rock and roll, and added some jazz-zydeco-cajun spice. Tickets are $5 per person, $4 for Bluemont Friends and seniors, and $2 for kids under 12. Bring your lawn chairs and picnic dinner.

Mark your calendar now for the 40th Annual Ashland Kiwanis Club Barbecue on Saturday, Sept. 17th from 4-7pm. Legend has it that the BBQ recipe is top secret, and is better than anything you’ve ever had before. There will be live music, a classic car show, and lots of fun door prizes. This is a major fundraiser for the Kiwanis Club which is such a valuable community group. Tickets are available at Union First Market Bank branches in Ashland, Luck Chevrolet, Cross Brothers Grocery and from any Kiwanis member. You can also buy tickets at www.eventbrite.com/AshlandKiwanis. For more information, call McDaniel at (804) 627-1003 or email jmcdaniel@bbvirginia.com.

The Patrick Henry Half Marathon is right around the corner (8/27/11), and this year the race will begin and end on the Randolph-Macon campus. Come and join the runners for this 13.1 miles course, or stand and cheer them on as they run through town! You can register online at http://www.sportsbackers.org/.

As we move closer to fall, there are so many wonderful fruits and vegetables waiting for us at the Ashland Farmers Market. They’re open every Saturday from 9 to noon behind Town Hall.

Even if you don’t have a child in your house, you can still do some back-to-school shopping. All of our schools would love to have some extra supplies, and they’re easy to pick-up when you’re doing your shopping. Please consider donating extra; they won’t go to waste.

The “Three Sisters” (Hazy, Hot, and Humid) seem to have left for vacation this past week, but don’t let your guard down. Don’t think, for one minute, that they are gone for another year! They will return just when you want to pack up your summer dresses, and pull out some sweaters. They will wait until you turn off the A/C and throw open the windows. They are sneaky old biddies.

Call or email me with your Ashland news: 310-5320, ashlandnews@gmail.com. Enjoy the week.

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