Friday, December 20, 2013

12/19/13 Goodbye Pig, Town Gift Certificates, Christmas Music, Beautiful Ordinary

I was sorry to see the Smokey Pig disappear into a pile of ruble this past week.  It certainly was an iconic Ashland restaurant for many years, and I know that many people have fond memories of dining and working there. 

There are so many places in town to find your Christmas gifts!  Save your gas and get in the Christmas spirit by walking down the lovely sidewalks of Ashland.  If all else fails, stop by Town Hall during business hours to pick up an Ashland Gift Certificate.  These are available in many different denominations and are good at dozens of stores, restaurants, and shops around town.  Call 798-9219 for more information.

From now until December 28th, Gallery Flux will be open at 5:00 PM for their 2nd Annual Invitational Miniature Show.  What makes this show so unique is that the art is available for purchase with some pieces as low as $40.  Art is always a wonderful gift, especially when it comes from the Center of the Universe!

The Central Virginia Masterworks Chorale will present their Christmas concert, “Touch the Winter Sky” at Duncan Memorial Methodist Church on Sunday, December 22nd.  This concert will feature soloist Camille Saint-Saens and will begin at 2:00 PM.
Come see “Despicable Me” at the Ashland Firehouse Theater this Saturday, 12/21, at 7:00 PM.  This is a wonderful cartoon movie that will make everyone in your house laugh.  The Firehouse Theater is located at 201 S. Duncan Street next to the Rescue Squad in Ashland and across from Town Hall and the
Farmer's Market.  Doors open at 6:30 with popcorn and snacks available for purchase.  Check them out on Facebook and their website as well:

I have a task for you all this week.  I’d like you to find delight in the small, tiny moments that make up this holiday.  Find the beauty in the ordinary, and watch it become sublime.  Take a breath, pause in your step, and look around.  Make these final days of 2013 last longer than they should by slowing down. 

Call or email me with your Ashland news: 310-5320,  Keep on decorating until the last minute!

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