Thursday, April 10, 2008

4/10/08 Cold Spring Showers, High Tea in Hanover, Arbor Day

I’m not really sure how or when April and February decided to exchange weather, but it could have had something to do with the fact that the Ashland Feed Store put out tomato plants last week. It usually snows or freezes if I plant tomatoes before April 15th, and this year we got sleet. I’m looking forward to enjoying all the spring flowers if it ever warms up enough to go outside again.

Happy Birthday to Delaney Thompson, daughter of Jim and Mary Kay, who turns 4 on April 15th!

Ashland Girl Scout Troop 3095 had a wonderful weekend at Camp Pamunkey this past weekend where they learned the fun of canoeing in the rain, the importance of a bandana, and the value of two days with no Webkinz. The success of their weekend had a lot to do with their ever-enthusiastic troop leaders: Wendy Doyle and Noelle Lavach.

If you’re thinking ahead to Mother’s Day, consider this event- High Tea in Hanover will be held Sunday, May 4th, from 1:30 – 4:00 at the Hanover Arts and Activities Center. Come sip tea and nibble sandwiches with no crusts as you watch a parade of fashions from the last 150 years. This event will benefit Hilliard House, a women and children’s shelter in Richmond. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Seating will be limited, so call Carolyn Peart now for reservation: 798-9131.

Ashland sent 186 runners and walkers to the Monument Avenue 10K this past weekend! Our hats are off to all of them who endured the rain and crowds to participate in a worthwhile event.

You have Arbor Day marked on your calendar, don’t you? It’s Saturday, April 26th. Put on some work clothes and meet at Town Hall at 9am to help plant our town Christmas tree. Randolph-Macon students will join us for the cleaning of Carter and DeJarnette parks after the ceremony.
The deadline for entries to the Ashland Yearbook has been extended to April15th. You really need to write up your family’s story if you haven’t done it yet. Don’t think for one minute that you’re not a crucial part of this town and our legacy! Whether your family was one of the founders or you moved here last month, your story is needed. Visit for more information.

John and Vandi Hodges had a wonderful visit recently from their grandson, Yugo Yamamoto, who is 3 and lives in New York City with his parents, Ames Hodges and Yumiko Yamamoto. Yugo arrived by train and enjoyed all that Ashland has to offer by walking to the pet store, the train store, and to Southern States to see the chicks and buy vegetables to plant in the garden.

Last week I mentioned all the great work that Dave Klisz has been doing with his PickUp150 campaign, but I forgot to include his blog address. Go to and visit the blog section to read about Dave’s work and to see how you can get involved. Call or email me with your Ashland news, and have a wonderful week. 804-310-5320,

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Martin Wodehouse said...

It seems your humble scribe forgot to mention that it was also her birthday this week! So Happy Birthday for Wednesday Meriwether, 21 wasn't it?

Best wishes from all your UK readers (that's me)!

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