Thursday, April 3, 2008

4/4/08 Pick-Up 150, Arbor Day, Ashland Trolley, Comp Plan Meeting at St. James

Our 150th birthday has inspired Ashlanders to take up new responsibilities and duties as we prepare for a spectacular party in October. There are many of us who have added new committee meetings to our calendars and who shoulder the added work with a smile knowing that an event like this doesn’t happen very often. Do you think that we will all put our feet up and rest in 2009?

One such dedicated citizen is Dave Klisz. Dave and his wife, Monica, have decided to make our town beautiful for her birthday. Monica is in charge of the Plant150 committee that is looking to plant 150 new trees in town and also honor the beautiful old trees that line our streets. Be at the Town Hall at 9am on Arbor Day, April 26th, to help plant the first tree- our Town Christmas tree- and to help clean up some of our parks and playgrounds.

Dave Klisz recently started his own committee called “Pick-up150” when he noticed trash on our streets while running through town. Dave spent over an hour picking up trash around the retention pond at the corner of Cottage Green Drive and Junction Drive across from the Food Lion. Let me say that again so everyone takes notice: He spent an hour of his own time picking up other people’s trash to make out town look better! We can all do this. We can follow Dave’s lead and pick up 150 pieces of trash. We owe it to ourselves and to our neighbors. Three cheers to Dave for taking charge. Click here to read Dave's Blog.

I was so excited to read about the new Ashland trolley in the Times Dispatch this past weekend! Our trolley will arrive in October, just in time for Ashland’s birthday party and will cost 25- 50 cents per rider. It will be a lot of fun to be able to hop on the trolley and ride to the library or the pool.

This Thursday, April 10, there will be a Community Input Session in the Fellowship Hall of St. James the Less Episcopal Church, 125 Beverly Road, at 7:00pm. The Town of Ashland is updating its Comprehensive Plan in 2008 and the purpose of this meeting is to gather input from the community to help with developing a vision statement for the introduction to Plan. Former Planning Director Neil Holthouser will facilitate this session. Your ideas and suggestions are very important to this procedure, so speak up!

Next Friday, April 11th, is Movie Night at the Ashland Library. The feature film begins at 6:00 pm with food and drink provided by the Friends of the Ashland Library. Call 798-4072 closer to show time for the name of the movie.

From March 10 until April 11, 2008 - The Best of R-MC Study Abroad in Photos will be on exhibit at the McGraw-Page Library. Visitors will see that R-MC students have a lot to say as they showcase photographs of their study abroad explorations around the world. Please call 752-3712 for more information.

Bob Crummette did a wonderful workshop on storytelling at the Library from on March 27. He’s a former educator, who has turned his love of storytelling into a very interesting hobby. I’ve heard that Bob is always willing to entertain if he is not off on vacation.

There’s another free Parenting Workshop on Thursday, April 17, from 6:30 -8 pm at the Patrick Henry YMCA on Ashcake Road. The topic of this workshop will be “Everyday Math & Science”, and will offer ways to help children (ages 4-7) explore, ask questions, problem solve, investigate, count, measure and experiment as they develop the foundation for a lifetime of math and science. This workshop will be presented by Betsy Phillips, a “Ready to Learn” PBS Educator.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Call or email me with your Ashland news: 310-5320,

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