Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2/12/09 Warm Spell, Strawberry & Comprehensive Planning, Update on Charlotte Reynolds

We slept with windows open last night at our house. February frustrates me because the weather can turn like this; sleet, snow, or a 60 degree sunny day- who knows. This weekend was beautiful, and you could tell that no one wanted to go inside. Driving through town, people were out- riding bikes, walking, running, lingering on their front steps, just standing there remembering all the things that you do when it's warm out. I am sure that's why the original Variety Show organizers planned for it to take place in the winter- getting people to come to rehearsals would have been much harder during the summer with all the distractions of a blue sky and bare feet.

Looking ahead to those warm days, the Strawberry Faire Committee needs your help planning for the 2009 Strawberry Faire. You can visit and fill out a volunteer form, or call Mary Claire Coster at 798-8289 if you can help.

Casino Night at St. Ann's went very well this past weekend, as the Catholics were very well behaved. It was fun to see so many Baptists, Methodists and Episcopalians in attendance. We are an ecumenical kind of town, you know.

Susan Tucker, did you get my check for the Yearbook yet? I sealed it with a big kiss!

The third Focus Area Meeting of the Ashland Planning Department will be held Wednesday, Feb 18th at 6:30 at the St. James the Less Episcopal Church. Focus Areas 1,7 will be discussed. Visit to see a map. If you live in this area, or have interest in it, then you should attend.

I've been getting reports of some first class soccer games being played at Patrick Henry on the weekends, and no, I don't mean the little kids. The Ashland Adult League Dragons beat the Kixx team 3-1 this past weekend, with Mike Spence, JL Winslow, and Bill Dinkin earning those three points. This coming Saturday promises to be another exciting night as the Dragons will play Scott Vota's team. What better way to spend your Valentine's night then in the old gym at PH?

A little update on Charlotte Reynolds... With fingers crossed, she might be home by the time you read this. Charlotte and her parents, Roger & Rachel Reynolds have spent the past three weeks at MCV battling a brain tumor that descended upon Miss CJ. With two surgeries, the majority of the tumor has been removed, and chemotherapy is scheduled to begin in another 3 to 4 weeks. There is a great website where you can keep up with Charlotte’s progress, and you can see how many people are thinking about her and her parents: . They are in for a long fight, so keep them in your prayers, and hug your own kids extra tight.

Just a note to remind you of what you have here in this town- we don't live here because everything is roses, we live here for the good and the completely un-fair things that happen. Those low times are tempered by all the times that we've laughed, danced, and cheered together. Sad stories are a bit softer here, because of all the good stories that have come before.I think that maybe, maybe, the tighter that we hold onto each other- the tighter that we hold onto this place- that we could keep the darkness away. That's what I'd like to believe, anyway. You, Ashland, are my magic.

Call me with your stories, your news, your hopes and dreams: 310-5320, Happy Valentines Day.

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