Thursday, February 19, 2009

2/19/09 Is February Over Yet?

I would like to give a big, sarcastic “Thank You” to the month of February for ruining winter for me. Just when I was prepared for snow and ice, February reminded me what spring smells like. I just found the ice scraper! I had a good routine of warming up the car in the morning! I did not need to know what I was missing. I had pushed those memories of warm weather to the back of my mind and had accepted the status quo. Now I am impatient and vaguely discontented, and want to throw out all my corduroy pants. But I can’t because February is a big tease who thinks it’s funny to throw me off balance. It’s a good thing you’re only 28 days- that’s all I can take! And no, Valentine’s Day doesn’t make up for it.

Happy Birthday this week to the Town of Ashland, who turned 151 on February 19th!

The fourth Focus Area Meeting of the Ashland Planning Department will be held Monday, Feb 23rd at 6:30 at the Ashland Church of God. This meeting will focus on areas 4 and 5, which is basically the southern part of town. This area is south of Rt. 54 and Ashcake Rd, and includes the Historical District, Henry Clay, Slash Cottage, the Wet YMCA, and the area around Rt. 1, south to the town line. Can you picture that? Visit to see a map. If you live in this area, or have interest in it, then you should attend. Please call Zack Robbins with your questions: 798-9219.
The Ashland Yearbook Distribution Party is scheduled for this Friday, February 20 from 4:00-7:00pm at Town Hall. Bring a pen so you can sign each others yearbooks. You may also pick up photos that were lent to the Yearbook committee at that time. Starting February 21, you can purchase any leftover Yearbooks at the Ashland Welcome Center (Train Station). Checks for $65.00 may be made to the “Ashland Foundation.” Please contact Susan Tucker at 798-7123 with any questions.

In celebration of Black History Month, join your neighbors at Gandy Elementary on Saturday, Feb. 21 at 7pm for the 150 Year Journey. This will be a program of performances by the Ashland Community Chorus and theatrical portrayals of African-Americans throughout history. Come listen to John Brown tell you his story. Admission is free.

Happy Birthday to Jackson Proffitt, who will turn 15 on February 25th!

On top of all this Spring Fever, I heard two trains coming into town this morning just before the sun came up, which is a sound that makes me feel a little tipsy. I have to stop and just stand there and listen to it. I know some people are tired of hearing me say this, but it does sound like poetry. Not sappy, love poetry- but strong, beautiful poetry that lifts you up off your feet. It is a sound that can chase away these feelings of ennui, and reminds me of how lucky we are to be living in this sweet town.

Call or email me with your Ashland news, your dance cards, and what you saw through your kitchen window last night: 310-5320, Have a wonderful week!

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