Monday, December 28, 2009

12/17/09 Raindrops, Gandy Art Auction, Charlotte's Trip to Disney

"I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas, just like the ones I never knew. Where the tree branches drip and children slip on sidewalks wet with dew. I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas, with every umbrella that I see! May your days be merry and yet, may all your Christmases be wet!" My cousin, Emily Kelly, and I wrote that song during another soggy holiday- maybe 1982. Enough already. Let us dry out!

The Gandy Art Auction to benefit the Gandy Garden Project was a stunning success! You know I've told you that we're lucky to have people like Lorie Foley and Wendy Doyle living here- people that give hundereds of hours of their time to make this town a better place for our kids. It's really incredible. We're so excited about these Gandy Gardens, and this auction was the first step in making it happen. There are many, many people to thank, including Ashland Street Parties who made a significant contribution. I'll remind you about that when the summer rolls around!

A huge thank you to the teachers and staff at Gandy who stayed late and helped make the Auction an really fun evening for the kids and their families. Thank you to Marlynn Turner, formerly of Virginia Street, who traveled back from Atlanta to be our wonderful auctioneer. Thank you also to anyone who donated auction items- we had some incredible things at our silent auction, including a holiday flower arrangement by Nancy Hugo, original Raku pottery by Nancy Cozart, photography by John Cook, and some sweet kiddie chairs painted by Sunnygirl Elizabeth Melson. Bravo Gandy! Well done!

If you're struggling to find that special Ashland gift, remember that there are new pewter ornaments of the Arts and Activity Center available! These are incredibly detailed and the perfect addition to your tree for only $15. Call Faith at 798-2728 if you'd like one!

When you see Susan Spence on the 19th, please wish her a very happy birthday! These December babies have a hard time, so the deserve our special attention, that includes John Hodges who celebrated his birthday on December 10th."Merry Christmas" to the Ashland community from Ashland Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)! On Sunday, Dec. 20, you are invited to join us for a "Festival of Lessons and Carols” at 7 pm at 301 S. James Street (across from Henry Clay School). This service is adapted from a Christmas Eve service which has been held annually for 90 years at King’s College in Cambridge, England. Accompanying our Chancel and Bell Choirs will be guest musicians with trumpets, timpani, flute, and harp. A reception will follow. Admission is free.

Congratulations to Tana Garcia, Monica Klisz, and Laura Boone who ran in the cold, cold rain in the Blue and Grey Half Marathon in Fredericksburg this past weekend. This was Tana's first 13.1 miles, so it was a really special day for her!

Our little Charlotte Reynolds has returned home from her fabulous Disney Make-A-Wish vacation! We have loved seeing the pictures and the smiles on everyone's faces, and we are so thankful that they got the chance to have that happy time together. You can keep updated on how this princess is doing through their blog: Hers is not an easy story to read, but it is important and beautiful, and it will do you good.

It is so wonderful to have movies once again in our sweet town! Our new Firehouse Theater is showing classis movies on a regular basis now, and all reports have been glowing! This Friday, 12/19, they'll show "The Shop Around the Corner" starring Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan starting at 7pm. Then on Tuesday, 12/22, they're showing a Christmas Double Feature beginning at 6pm: "The Grinch", followed by "A Christmas Story." Visit their website: for a listing of all the holiday movies coming up.

Here- I will give you the advice that I can't follow myself: Don't worry- it will all get done. My father tells me all the time, "You have enough time." When I was younger, I'd just roll my eyes and walk away. The last time he said this to me, I said, "Daddy, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I've come to realize that you're just plain wrong." There will never be enough days in the year to love Ashland like we should. Work on that this week, ok?

Call or email me with your Ashland news: 310-5320, or Stay dry and keep sparkling COTU!

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